Argus Suite Training

The term Training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.

As applications Upgrades are initiated, business process are changed, it is mandatory that end users are up-to-date with the new functionality and/or feature sets provided by the applications.

We provide customized Training on the Argus Safety Suite of applications to users, administrators including central (core) and/or affiliate sites.

The Training features include:

• Presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises
• Access to Test environment at company site
• Certificate of completion

Training options are as follows:

• Private on-site Training anywhere in the world for up to 25 people
• Private virtual Training via Web-Ex for up to 25 people

Training Courses are as follows:

• End-User Training

ο Case Intake and Processing including Case Approval / Archival and Follow ups
ο Coding and Medical Review
ο Worklists
ο Reporting

◊ Expedited reports scheduling / generation and submission
◊ Periodic reports (IND, NDA, PSUR, CTPR)
◊ Submission Tracking

ο Utilities
ο Dashboards

• Administrator Training:

ο Codelist Configuration
ο Business Configuration

◊ Product
◊ Study
◊ License
◊ Expedited Reporting Rules

ο User Maintenance

◊ Users
◊ Groups

ο System Configuration

◊ Workflow
◊ Common Profile Switches
◊ System Numbering
◊ Field Labels / Field Validation

ο Dashboards

• Technical Training:

ο Argus Safety Service Configuration
ο Argus Interchange Service Configuration
ο Argus Schema Creation Tool

◊ MedDRA Recoding
◊ Schema Validation
◊ Database Upgrade

• Installation Training:

ο Argus Safety Suite installation

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